Monday, October 12, 2009

story summed up

After graduating with my bachelors in science I intended to become a lawyer while saving up for law school doing hair as a hair braid er i became the victim of a violent crime i shot shot 8 times with an a.k. 47 assault riffle which was intended for my client. After going through physical therapy with the help of my mother and being denied ssi twice i i began to work with my mother who had her shop pats and pearls boutique in Los Angel es California however after her sudden death i was forced to try and make the best of it by reopening the shop however there was not enough money generated to sub-stain my life so i started a eBay business called pats and pearls it was very successful for a couple of years however since the downfall of the united states economic system i found myself paying more to eBay and pay-pal that i was making. recently a friend referred me to Ardyss international the body magic and i am convinced that there is money to be made as well as reshaping your life for goo. For example after trying on the body magi i went from a 39 waiste to a 36 within ten minutes amazing . although i have not been i the business for one month i see that there is no limitations on what i am capable of doing.